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Who are you as a Transformation Life Coach?

I am incredibly good at helping highly successful, over-achieving, professional women overcome their struggle with internal feelings of their best not being good enough. My clients excel at what they do in their careers, but often struggle in relationships with men, constantly brow beat themselves to be better, and suffer from a merciless inner critic. 

The reason why I know this woman so well and am so good at serving her, is because she’s ME. Or a version thereof. 

See, I am exceptional at what I do as a Transformation Life Coach and have had a lot of accomplishments. But I always feel there is room for improvement and so I am always learning and exploring how to become even better at everything that I do. I feel constantly driven by a voice in my head that says “keep going, you have to be better, faster, stronger, smarter…” So, I can feel like my best is still not good enough and at times I have struggled to recognize my own value and command it financially. I even found myself at a point where I lost my belief in myself and feared failing. I wanted so badly to get it right and succeed, but became paralyzed in indecision for fear of making the wrong choice. Because when an over-achiever faces failure, it is like a fast-moving train hitting a mountainside. It can almost break you…

I have definitely hit that mountainside many times in my lifetime. I endured divorce, loss of a child, loss of a job, loss of a business, financial and other hardships, but have overcome them all because of my faith in God and one powerful word – DETERMINATION. I DO NOT GIVE UP! I keep going! I am unstoppable! I refuse to allow any tragedy to provide or produce anything other than a lesson, growth, or improvement in my character. I also am incredibly committed to, and have invested countless hours and thousands of dollars into my own personal development, growth, training, therapy, and coaching. 

The beautiful thing is that we often see in others what we can’t see in ourselves – and because of that, I am able to pinpoint and help my clients to see and believe exactly what makes them so wonderfully worthy, lovable, and deserving of everything they want in their life and relationships! 

I specialize in two important areas: women who never feel like it's good enough and women who want to succeed in a new relationship after an unwanted divorce.  I help my clients get traction and momentum on their journey of self-healing and self-discovery, by taking all that over-achieving, determined, energy and focusing it inward. Identifying, healing, and overcoming those internal struggles that are holding them hostage from getting what they want and being where they want to be in their life and relationships. 

Now, I am not a therapist, counselor, medical doctor, personal trainer, or mental health professional. I am a Transformation Life Coach and as such my job is to help you discover and change aspects of your thinking and habits so that you can reach your goals and transform your life. 

What is your background and expertise?

Well, I am a people expert. I easily connect with people emotionally and serve as a guide in helping them to understand and overcome the struggles in their relationships with themselves and others. 

I have had this ability and gift to connect with people emotionally all my life, so it’s no wonder that initially in my career, I chose Human Resources as my field of study and have a B.S. in Human Resources Management. I was a Human Resources Management professional for almost 20 years. In this role, I either grew and developed the position I had or created it altogether where it had not existed before. In fact, I was known for being a change agent and putting into place new processes, procedures, programs, etc. while getting buy-in and cooperation from multiple layers of the organization. When I worked with leaders, I helped them to see how their decisions impacted current employees and my ability to attract potential employees - that they were more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. Because I am incredibly good at understanding people and recognizing their value and worth. 

I also had the exciting privilege of working for a non-profit in an Associate Director capacity, overseeing four programs focused on financial literacy and homeownership for low-income persons and families. Again, connecting with people, training and teaching them the knowledge they needed to grow, become better, and improve their situation in life. 

Throughout my entire career, I have always done coaching in a variety of ways, such as leadership, career coaching, financial management, and health/fitness. My natural way of being is to always take what I have learned and share it with others. To grow and reach back and bring someone else from where I have been, onto the journey to wherever it is they want to go. Thus, it was just a natural expansion for me to become a Transformation Life Coach and dedicate my efforts and focus to serving others more fully in this capacity. I strongly believe in coaching – having sought it out, particularly during challenging times in my life; because I fully recognize that none of us ever do anything alone – we need help. We need guidance. 

As I have mentioned before, I am an over-achiever; not to be confused with a perfectionist. See, as an over-achiever I view growth and potential as limitless so I am always in forward moving action mode working to improve and become better at whatever I do. To me, perfectionism is the belief that there is a standard that can be reached where all is well, perfect. I do not believe that. I believe in infinite, continuous improvement. This belief has allowed me to accomplish a great deal in my life and career and given me the opportunity to experience my definition of success – and that is how much I help others to achieve.  

Who are your Clients?

As an over-achieving, focused, determined, and enlightened Woman, Wife, Mother, and Professional, I exclusively work with clients just like me. See, most people think that focused, determined, go-getters are confident, have no fear, and think really highly of themselves. But the reality is, you can show up that way, but in actuality have a deep sense of not being good enough, struggle in relationships, and wrestle constantly with deep fears and insecurities. I know I have been held back in my own life at times, despite all of my accomplishments, from a deep fear of failure, and unwillingness to take risks. 

So, truly, my clients are professionally and financially successful women, who are over-achieving, focused, determined, go-getters. They are resourceful, and strongly believe in investing in themselves and their own personal development/growth.   

My clients are eager and ready for change and transformation. They take what I teach and apply it with the same voracity and energy that they put into their professional careers and businesses. They are honest, straight forward, and do not make excuses. 

I do not waste time nor enroll clients who are not committed to their own happiness and READY for change and transformation. 

What exactly is your Get Real and Heal - Action Attraction Signature System and what does it include?

  1. Get clear. First we will work together to determine exactly what it is that you want. Really crystallizing what that relationship or goal looks like. 
  2. Find Yourself. We will focus on discovering your strengths, likes, and needs. Truly understanding who you are, and what you bring to the table in a relationship or other goal.
  3. Make room. We will work together to identify physical and emotional barriers that are currently preventing you from attracting the relationship you deserve or other goal.
  4. Let Go. We will identify and clear up inner limiting beliefs and resistance that are in the way of you attracting the relationship you want or goal you are trying to achieve.
  5. Prepare. We address mindset, personality, and communication blocks and create a plan to adjust these behaviors to prepare you to be successful in your next relationship or when you reach your goal. 
  6. Keep your head in the game and stay focused.  We work together to develop a daily mindset routine to help the internal changes and upgrades you’ve been making stick and to help you stay focused on the relationship or goal you’re working towards and not let fear or self-doubt creep in. 
  7. Create Energy and momentum. An exercise routine keeps you focused and energized. We create a personalized program for you, because if you’re feeling motivated and on point physically - that radiates into every aspect of your life. 
  8. Go for it. Celebrate! We discuss ways to put yourself out there and keep trying. There is no ‘failure’, just opportunities to learn and grow from. 
  9. Be patient - but stay ready - it’s coming!  Timing is everything and sometimes it can be hard to wait for what we want. We will talk about strategies to stay focused on the plan so that you don’t get side tracked. You must believe this with every fiber of your being. You can’t put your effort and energy into something and it not produce a result!

Jamila, based on everything I have read and heard, I know you’re the one I want to work with. What are my options for getting started with you?

Well, congratulations on making a decision to begin your journey of change and transformation! However, I am not for everyone. I am very good at what I do and limit my availability to just a select few so that I am able to powerfully serve my clients with focus and attention. At this stage of my career, I only want to work with women who are truly READY, so I have very strict criteria for who I take on as a client. 

First, you must be totally committed to the process and to making changes and experiencing transformation. Understand that this is a proven process that works if you take action and implement all of the steps. YOU are 100% responsible for your results. I do not waste time nor enroll clients who make excuses and who are not committed to their own happiness and READY for change and transformation. 

Next, I only work with my clients one-on-one for committed time frames of 1-year or 6-months utilizing my bespoke “Get Real & Heal Programs".  Or my exclusive access, 1-year Mastermind.  If this is what you have been looking for, then you and I should have a conversation. Click here to SCHEDULE a FREE 20-Minute Conversation

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