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"Jamila is my cheerleader! She sees and believes the best in people and genuinely wants to see them succeed.  I have traveled with her as a coach on a couple life issues, however,  She's been the biggest support throughout my journey, especially, through my separation and divorce process.  She was very understanding, non-judgmental and gentle.  Jamila has proven herself to be extremely trustworthy and truly leads by example... she has been my rock. Her efforts to really support me on my journey have been priceless.  Her strength and determination are contagious and she has a heart of gold.  You cannot ask for a more dedicated and focused coach - she definitely brings her "A" game to every session.  Should you work with her? Absolutely! You will not find a better coach."– L.R., NV     

 "If you’re hurt or feeling pained after an unwanted divorce, Jamila can help you firsthand. She digs deeper than what is on the surface and works on the inner healing that you need. If you’re feeling insecure or fearful of whether or not you will ever find your soulmate, I encourage you to schedule your Discovery & Action call with Jamila! You will not be disappointed and you will be well on your way to attracting your soulmate with the tools and mentorship Jamila provides!"  - Ashley A., CO 

"Jamila is a wondrous soul and I am so happy that I found her.  She has a vibrancy and energy that keeps you uplifted and motivated to heal and dig deep into a mindful existence.  This is how we make our dreams come true!  I am so ready to keep this train running and on track to my best future.  Thank you Jamila!" -Melanie W., Ontario

"I love that Jamila is so dedicated and loves helping people becoming a better them! She pushes but she's encouraging. Thank you Jamila for all that you do to motivate me, personally, never to give up." - M.C., NV

 “Jamila’s skills as a Transformation Coach has the capacity to change so many lives including yours! I’ve always had issues with self-worth and feelings of not good enough. However, Jamila’s program is sure to crush any self-limiting belief as she moves you towards the accomplishment of your goals! And if your dream husband is a result of the work you do with Jamila, that is an extra bonus to the benefits she teaches you surrounding self-love! Transform your life with Coach Jamila - you won’t regret it!”  - Leah C., CA

"Jamila’s transformational coaching digs deep and tackles the inner blocks that are keeping you stuck.  Because Jamila’s program works from the inside out, you will develop that strong sense of self that is needed to become the most authentic, confident version of yourself.  That’s when the shift happens…That’s when you’ll live the life you desire, dream man and all!"  Christa C., Ontario 


"Jamila has helped me tremendously in many avenues of my life. I have seen the greatest change in my self-confidence and self-worth. She has an uncanny ability to identify the root of your issues and then proceed to organize a step-by-step easy to follow plan to overcome your issues and succeed in healing. I truly appreciate her total body, mind, and spirit approach as well. She has helped me reorganize my life after a very traumatic relationship and become more financially successful in professional career. I highly recommend that if you are teetering on utilizing her services that you take the leap because she is so worth it! There is nothing greater than being happy in all aspects of your life- you deserve it!" - F.P., N.V

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